Billing Central

Billing Central

Billing Central for the 'Everything as a Service Economy’.

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Embrace new business models with confidence. With FinancialForce Billing Central you can manage the most complex customer relationship all in one closed loop process.

Billing & Revenue Challenges in the Services Economy

Centralize subscription and usage billing

Billing Central: Products, subscriptions and usage-based models each have unique billing structures. Configure the pricing and contract terms from one screen. Manage it all in one integrated process.

  • Flexible pricing structures and quantity breaks
  • Use plans to package or bundle products
  • Create, change and manage renewal of contracts
  • Automate billing operations and taxation
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Centralized subscription and billing

Full visibility from opp to renewal

One customer record: Now everyone has the information they need to manage the customer relationship. Analyze customer data at any stage, make informed decisions and take actions that have impact.

  • Protect renewal revenue with proactive notifications
  • Monitor status of accounts and make collections a team sport
  • Compare original and current contracts valuations based on change order requests
  • Make changes to contracts and billing terms with speed and ease
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Full visibility form opp to renewal

One billing center for the front and back office

One platform: Financial Billing Central instantly connects to Salesforce CRM and any app in the FinancialForce ERP suite. Unify your billing, revenue recognition and accounting operations enterprise-wide. Build processes that delight customers.

  • Connect billing data across all your apps
  • Share one customer master record across departments
  • Establish an end-to-end audit trail
  • Empower teams to answer any customer question
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One billing center for the front and back end

Report on everything, drill into the data

BI & analytics: One unified system makes powerful real time insights and analytics possible. Get comprehensive reports, dashboards and drill down capabilities. See across the entire business and make decisions based on data.

  • Use template reports or create your own
  • Drill down and around to better analyze data
  • Get a complete, accurate picture of revenue
  • Create dashboards that combine data from all departments
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Report on everything, drill into data

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